What is Medgel

Medgel is a 100% medical grade silicone gel product formulated to aid in the prevention of recent or old hypertrophic scars associated with erythema (redness) and keloids.

Improves appearance and softens Scar     |    Flexible and adaptable to your skin     |    Biocompatible

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Everyone has a story to tell, but some stories are marked not only in our memories but also in our skin. For these, it is possible to give other destinations.


Advanced technology

Due to its flexible mechanical properties, Medgel adapts to any surface and adheres smoothly to the entire region of the scar and can be used under simple or compression clothes.

Actual results within 8 weeks*

Common questions

1- What is Medgel?
Medgel is a 100% medical grade silicone product line that assists in the treatment of keloids, common and hypertrophic scars associated with erythema.
2- How does Medgel work?
Medgel has been specifically formulated to prevent and aid in the treatment of scars and keloids through occlusion and hydration of the scar area. It reduces the height of lesions, brightens the color and softens the visibility of the scar.
3- How to use Medgel Coat?
The usage of Medgel Coat is recommended in uncovered areas, such as hand, neck and face, that do not come in contact with clothing. Use a thin layer on the skin and reapply, if necessary, respecting the daily use of at least 12 hours.
4 – How to use Medgel Strips or Plates?
For strip, disc or plate use, cut it (recommended for strips and plates) in the size of the area to be treated and apply over the region, leaving in place for at least 12 hours. After use, wash with mild soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry naturally. The same strip can be used for approximately 20 days
5- Can I reuse my Medgel?
Yes. The same Medgel strip or plate can be reused for up to 20 days. After use, wash with mild soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry naturally.
6- Is Medgel a type of glue?
No. The Medgel Strips, Discs, Plates and Coat are 100% medical grade silicone pieces, not containing any type of sticky or healing material. Contraindicated in open wounds
7 - Can I share my Medgel with someone?
In order to avoid the risk of contamination, the use or reuse of Medgel (strips, plates or disc) is individual. Only Medgel Coat can be used by more than one person safely.
8- Can I use Medgel by compression?
No need of usage by compression. Medgel in its Strip, Plate, Discs and Coat versions promotes great results without the need for complementary methods. If there is medical indication for compression, the two techniques can be combined without any problem.
9- Does Medgel work to treat old scars?
Medgel can be used on recent or old scars. Remembering that the scar needs to be completely closed, Medgel is contraindicated in open wounds.
10- Posso usar o Medgel no banho?
No. We recommend removing Medgel before bathing.
11- Can Medgel be used by people of all ages?
Yes. Use is allowed at any age.